Adrian´s Song


Let´s see I´ve got the softest towel
and I´ve got the shampoo
and I´ve even got the baby oil
and rubber ducky too.

And the bathing tub is filled up
and the temperature's just right
and I even stuck my elbow in
to play it by the rules... yeah.

I am bathing my baby son,
right here on the kitchen floor.
My day at work is done
and I am bathing my baby son.

Don´t you be surprised my little man
if I get down on my knees,
blowing bubbles in the water
as it mingles with Dad´s tears,

´Cause there´s so much time for sorrow
and so little time for joy.
So forgive me - at this moment,
I know I´m where I want to be.

Close the bedroom door, Mamma,
please don´t you come in now!
Take the phone off the wall-
I don´t wanna hear!


Let's see I've got the softest towel
And with all my love and care
I dry between your toes
and behind your little ears

And as I hold the naked miracle
I know beyond a doubt
God gave you as a gift to me
To show me:  "This is love!"

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