id been carving




off my little


sliver of light


compelled to it


because it made me feel


that divine


spark been shining


on youcrazy


across the ether


that’s why I’d come


to believe in




i could almost sense it


near that ... great equilibrium


the atomic stopwatch strikes


nil then darkness falls


the final curtain


for a life spent


in the spotlight




you said sharing


songs is not like


splitting atoms


which gives off heat and lights


from protons, to photons to quarks


til the building blocks of life


get down to strings


it’s just a theory you


know sooner or later


you end up with an


undivisible remainder


all attainable


energy spent


how many




must we postulate


and in the end


end up with


too little too






you showed me something


i hadn’t seen coming


the energy that binds


greater than the sum of molecular parts


like the heart


of a star


when two become


one and something


new is




mass is lost


a proton here a neutron


there it’s true yet


the solar furnace pays


with interest


what was lost




quite a pair then


me with my lithium


core and


you and your solar


cell a


difference in


kind i thought no


longer alone


good galileo grant


faith to trust worlds


yet unseen courage


to invest in futures










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