Confession To Myself

Self Harm

just a little scratch to break skin

no big deal, just enough to make it hurt

perfect crimson jewels all in a row

nobody has to know but me and my jaded heart

comfort comes from past betrayals

and present secrets unfolding at last

such a sad thing to find beauty at the sight...

misconceptions buried deep in my soul

a phrase stuck in my head "This too shall pass."

as I crave self inflicted wounds to empty my sorrows

alone inside, dying, crying I pick up the phone

but nobody answers...they never do

and what if they did? I'd just be wrong again...

I have a friend, a trusted confidante

but shiny and cold she cannot embrace me

all she can do is bleed out the regret and tormented thoughts

and it's only temporary bliss

for then we part and I see the damage she has caused

ashamed, afraid to be myself... being myself doesn't seem wanted

or good enough to earn me love or affection anyways

falling faster in dreams and reality until the day I hit the ground

and break but this time I may never be the same again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

...easy to understand...

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