Phantoms of the Oprressed

Desire dies slowly

abandonment within

fate bred to face alone

silence of suffering.

Children cry from distortion

women die on end

the cold sense of fear gorging

every instinct within.

Fanaticism, blind cruelty

the mind to be God

debased truly

as blood flows from hearts.

Winds churn- raging eddies

no tears, bloody;

depravity, twice tavesty-

hypocrisy of religion.

I search the distant blue

my thoughts are moved

voices forgotten, trodden

self-centerness of a world unkind.

The arc divide, broken skies

solace flees the innocent

sometimes I cry,

pain- the despised

in ever shifting winds.

Politicians driven by riches

labor for the elite

vultures with calculating eye

the poor decieved.

Capitilaism cloaked democracy

the art of oligarphy;

socialism, communism

nameless faces

brace death everessencently.

Prejudice in every form

the world thread bare

cold eyes stare.

Signs of the times

and wicked crimes

justice becomes shadows

sympathy like quenced candles.

Whispers in every sunrise

meanders lapis luzuli

usually unheard tears

within timesless fears.

Prepare, red storms, scorn

rage and revenge

lips with daggers borne

intentions not missed.

Still they gently rise

as phantoms of life

burst the seams of tyranny

on every heart.


hurt everywhere.


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