My greatest possession

As I grew up my father told me to don’t assume everything is important, so I don’t really give that importance to things, but one of the most valuable thing I have, not talking about price but about sentimentalism; the ring. A ring is a round shape that you put in your finger, and they have several purposes like marriage, but this is not the case. A consecration ring, one of the valuable things for a person of God, that’s my greatest possession. Some years ago, I met this priest that was wearing a tunic and there was a ring hanging so I ask for it, he told me it was one of the valuable things for him. At the end of talking with him and living next to him for 3 weeks, he give me the ring as a gift because he thought I was a really good person and should become a priest. That moment was really magical and felt really nice. I wear it all the time and almost lost it many times, but at the second year of having it, I lost it.

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