Still writing. Still thriving. Still living. Still breathing.

Still eating. No retreating. Constantly believing in my power increasing.

I am feeling the feelings of feelings hidden freely for fear of a fragment of judgement from my peers.

I am intellect and I am past regret. A balance of bad with a promise of good, my back and forth brain is misunderstood.


I serve myself 

And the women before me

Making grandmama proud

Carrying her legacy.

A woman of strength

I'm a pillar for change

I will reclaim my independence

Until they break my legs.

I will be success

Nothing can stop my passion

I'll be the dress you love

Even when its "out of fashion."

When you cry, feel it

When you're mad, let it out

When you're happy, smile large

When you're scared, talk it out

Be who you are

Not who you're "supposed to be"

Because who knows me better than me.

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