6am Sunrise

The Pixie Dust

Seems we found ourselves here again

The last ones standing

And the wind is brisk 

And your brother’s dead

And I still have my ex’s favorite fish in my head

Wished upon stars that the moments will get better

But better seems just ask constant as Michigan weather

Shattered glass and naked trees

We wish for release

The chains from the pain are so tight

Holding hands with you at the 6 am sunrise.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for Becca. She may never see this, and she may see this. This is an abstract version of one of the most important nights of my life when you and I had opened up our hearts to each other for the first time. You told me about your pain. I told you of mine. And we stood by each other. You are beautiful, my love, and never alone.

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