The Pixie Dust

You took away our voices 

Pick pocketed our pride

Hide behind tailored jackets

With silk threaded ties


Demand we pay more 

For the less that we “earn”

What happened to a dream

Where our children could learn?


Dollar signs turn into toxic waste

Millions of children turn their heads

Ignorance is bliss they say

But ignorance is the price tag on Billy’s bed.


They tell us to get jobs

But they require us to know math

Hot water bills can be expensive

Back to recycled water baths.


Veronica wanted to be a scientist

But she didn’t make the list

See, mama works 3 jobs

Because Daddy had to enlist.


Fought for a country who’s morals

Mirror that of, damn, can’t say

All my freedoms taken away

That’s the price I gotta pay.


Education? Who needs it.

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