Your Song

The Love

I want to memorize every intimate detail of your brain.

When you laugh, I want to know the cause.

For every deep sigh you take, I want to know if it’s from stress, 

Or happiness.


Why do you hurt so badly? 

Why do you hold in all of that pain?

For every silent moment where you have nothing to say,

I would cross continents to know what you’re thinking.


Anytime that you find yourself looking at me,

I want to see the little images you are saving,

Because I know they complete the story I’m writing while we speak

Without words

To each other like we’ve known each other since birth

Or even beyond that.


You are the song I sing in the shower

When no one is home

Your laugh is what I consistently keep on repeat.

I seem to find myself depressed.


Never have I ever felt something as strong as this.

Put your finger down.

I’ll drink to honesty, 

Because I never could be honest with myself

Until you.


Seems I’ve crawled my way into your shoe,

And you haven’t found the time to pull me out,

Or maybe you like me there.

I’ll never know.


Not never, I should say,


You’re like the dark side of the moon

There, but kept in silence, waiting until the axis turns to shine.


You are patient, calculated, something of wonder

You make up for the temperance that I lack in

Or rather, neglect in my spiritual something 

With a quick fix for instant happiness.


I played with fire, letting myself burn

Too bright to keep up with—

Left to trickle down, and awaiting

To catch a spark.


Your name is my best kept secret

I say it three time a night before sleep,

A comfort in the way it sounds on my tongue

Before I fall into content comforts, sleep induced.



You’re the song I will always sing

Even when no one is there to listen.

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