A Tale of Two Hearts

The Love

Press record, then stop.

Constant back and forth motion.

Kinetic energy nonstop

She's brought the world out of proportion


A smile shared

TV is on

The weather man has lost his mind

Never predicting the storm ahead

A frown replaces, smiles died


Echos off the wall

White noise blaring through the speakers

This record I never finished 

Leaves me raw, leaves her eager


She begs me to brign her home

I can't seem to put down the phone 

Her voice is the muse, my constant

But when I'm with her, I'm alone

When I'm with her... I'm alone.


I stare into the mirror

She sees hope, I see failure
She sees clear skies, I see drought

She seems hopeful, I feel doubt

She brings the sky down, I float away

She is the song I always replay

She is the pain sugar coated in Pink

Constantly I write her name down in ink.


I see beauty, she seems demons

I call her out, she crawls back in

I lend a hand, she shies away

I hold her tight, she cries at night


She's dark, enticing, romantic, surprising
Sad sheltered, but strong,

Constant rights

Battle consistent wrongs


Angels only last a weekend

She's back and forth between friends

Battling acceptance, cursing the doubts

And until, until we meet again

My angel, her Lucifer, Lucy, I will call her

My darling Lucy loves the waves

But not the storm, it surrounds her.


Lovely lady, smile for me.

See in the fucking mirror what I see

Stop the tears, you're not your enemy

Love yourself, the way you loved me. 

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