Mass Transit

The Love

I feel his hand press against my ribs

Pulling me in, pulling me down to him

I’ve been stuck in the clouds for so long

And it’s time I’ve finally learned to swim


Drowning in the vapor, I find stability

But is that really all it ever is?

The first kiss was like a crashing plane over the Atlantic

As long as I’m breathing, I wish to be his.


His voice is like breathing for the first time,

“Such a cliché,” these butterflies tease mockingly

I stare into the eyes of my lover,

And I know they’ll always look back lovingly


I am the blind pilot of this ship,

And I will sail on, and sail forth toward paradise

The monsters of the sea will not hinder

All bets thrown to the wind as I toss the rotting dice


Darling, it will always be you

I feel you constantly in this God forsaken bed

What have we gotten ourselves into?

Fuck, I see myself, constantly getting ahead


I fear that we have let ourselves get to this point

Comfortable with the way my skin feels against yours

And I watch the train wreck of bodies dance

And I watch the train wreck of bodies dance.


I am yours.

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