Ode to the Motherless

The Pixie Dust

All my life since I was young

I looked in the mirror wanting to become someone

And I tried and I tried, Mama knows how I did

I would try to be normal in a world of overconscious kids


And Mama never told me that growing up in this world

Meant facebook likes mattered and it wasn't about being a good girl

I was rushed to grow up, leaving my dolls behind

For painting my face with makeup natural beauty gone blind


Mama where were you when I needed to know how to be a woman

Throat full of pills, Mama, where were you when I didn't see it

I went to my vices to control the world that slipped out of my grasp

Unprepared for the life that left me broken at best


And I'm sorry, you let me down

I'm sorry that I'm a woman now

All these people surround me barely breaking the surface while I drown

See, there's a crack in the system and I fell into it

Because one day I was tired of living life "full of it"

All the bullshit all the drama all the panic all lost honor
All the evil all the sadness all the bruises all the madness


Mama how can you say you're a mom when a mother protects her young

I may have crawled out of you but I was left alone to be hung

And Mama when death comes knocking I don't want to see you cry

When I stand by your side watching this stranger in front of me die. 

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