Prove It

The Love

I had to learn to love myself before you could love me

But you don't even love the you that you presented to me

So I have to push myself to love the both of us for now

Stay strong, young beauty, youll see light in this dark town

Youve moved in with depression and the lights are dark

The walls are caving in and the house is falling apart

I used to live there last year, remember when you left me for dead?

I moved into his dark city, and it was all in my head

I needed you to love me when I couldnt love myself

But you were busy looking out for the monster sitting on your shelf

You didn't know, couldn't prepare for the claws that ripped my skin

You saw destruction, couldn't help, because in you his teeth sunk in

Shallow marks at first I failed to notice through the pain

But when he released me, I finally started to feel a little sane

Baby boy, rest your head, it'll be okay, I promise

Hold it down for me, be strong, I'm not leaving you helpless.

Unconditional love bleeds through these veins

And even though Im constantly cleaning up stains

Id continue to swim deeper as youre drowing in the dark must

Im not leaving you like Rose and Jack in the Titanic

Im not weak, and I never was

I cleared my head, finally fixed it up

Now time for Spring cleaning, lemme get a mop

Ill wipe your tears away, don't tell me to stop.

I love you and I always will

Ill stand by you till you get well.

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