i wish i could tell you how i really feel

i wish you would decide what you want with me

i thought you were the one until she came along

i wish you wanted me as much as i wanted you

you say that we are friends but i am still unsure if you're telling me the truth

i know i shouldnt feel like this towards you

i really hope you meant what you said about our friendship

i wish i could be talking to you right now

i feel like i can tell you anything but i dont know if you really care what i have to say

i want to know how much you care about our friendship

i am happy for you that you found her but i really hope that doesnt mean i lose you

i dont want to regret what we did but right now i feel like i do

whenever i talk to you i am happier than i was before

you have helped me feel better about myself and be happier with who i am but i am afraid that if i lose you i will hate myself again

you took something from me that i can't get back

i am tired of being the one that you turn to when she hurts you...for once i want to be the one you love...

you say that you're afraid you'll hurt me but I love you so much that I would rather be hurt than to never get to tell you how i really feel

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