is our friendship worth all this trouble

it seems like i do so much for you

but you do nothing for me

why do i put up with your shit

i want to put an end to the friendship

but i dont know if i can go on without you in my life

i never thought you would do this to me

but it turns out i was wrong

what did i do to deserve this treatment

i tried my hardest

but you seemed like you didnt care

is everything you ever told me a lie

you put me down

but say you are just joking around

it seems like sometimes you take the joking too far

and it hurts me

but i dont show you that it does

everytime i leave you

i sit and cry

i wish this could be easier

but it is not

i am just wondering

is your friendship worth all this heartache

i just wish you would make up your mind

do you really care about me

or is everything a lie

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this about my friend. i having some really difficult times with him

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