aglow with love

You were filled to overwhelmingness

You never considered for a moment

All I want is to be with him ,

You muttered

Lost you were in that love, blinded as well

Then the yeaars began to roll

And the changes took their toll

He will change was your empathy

To sympathise with yourself

No not him today orr never

In agony worn and thin

You sought a split

But he wouldn't budge

Stuck to you thicker than leech

You're lost

Hope's newrising for him

And you wanted out

What's happening to me

LOST in the ponder

You're left in the wonder

Till death do us part

Brings inot your life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Marriage is a life long affair that goes up and down the hill. It springs surprises sometimes living a distasteful fragrance on you.

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