this page
has been compromised
by eyes
and time

my halcyon heart
that wanted to remember
burnt to a crisp
in denial

i put away the archives
i put away the pen
i give my words unto the air
for myself
it is for myself
i break the pencils

into a vault
with all of yesterday
into a safe never open
go to dust where you already are
where we all will be, me
and these pages, their significance
is lost in a moving world,
i am lost in a moving world,
i give my death pleas to the fire,
everything is fine
i don't want to know,
i kill that cutting knowledge,
this moment is for this moment,
the memory in my head is failing
in smoke and a moving world
but this is a gift granted-
i put away the pen-
i shrine to eyes instead,
i look to the sky and the sun and the sea,
and the moon,
i do not sweat when i cannot capture
the forest hues of your now perfect soul
its better not to know
its better not to know


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