the natural progression of things

please leave me be

i drive you to your old neighborhood and stand

underneath the jungle gym we

made out underneath for too

long that first time i came over when

we had to run

back to your mommas house

my head jams against the ceiling


and we meet eyes for spare moments

laugh a little

talk about missing

our dogs

please leave me be

you shake your hair on

the stage and spider your fingers

across a fretboard i look


ashamed to not

want you

afraid to not

want you

please let me be because

i cannot rationalize this moment

when we stare at our names carved

into the concrete

and smile at each other

under the street light

i cannot rationalize

understanding why you never wanted me in your room

because it smelled

like you

it smells sour now

please let me be because

i cannot afford to not love you

i cannot afford to not care

i cannot


to negate every word ive ever written

and give you away to the world

please let me keep

you tucked

in my soul

where i will always love

you where i will always

melt at your humility;

sweet smell of skin;

golden pupils and

cry at night sometimes

knowing i lost you

to stupid mistakes

where i can lie

pretend it wasn't

to the natural progression

of things

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