4 minutes

little one

lost at sea

i held your hand

i drowned my poems

i farenheit 151 them

ill do

whatever it takes

little one

if not you

then who?

for we are already

umbilical cord connection

we are already

one cell

if not you

then why would i

ever try again?

little one

im lost at sea

i miss you and the moment

we met when my life

turned on like

a light switch

what happened?

to us?

can we try any harder?

can i burn myself hotter?

i will do anything

i will forget everything

i ever loved

i will move miles and miles away

all i wanted was a simple life

and you were simple...

what happened to us?

all i am is being sent to you through

our 400 mile meiosis

all i am

all i am

lost at sea

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