Apologies Accepted Here


You're instincts are nothing to be ashamed of.

So keep your head above the waves.

If you feel no regret, you keep it in your pocket for tuesday mornings so you can stay awake.

And if you can forget, you keep it like a wish list and forget the things you meant to say.

We are a new generation, they needed glasses but we are blind to all of it.

We are a new generation, they were misguided but we are jumping off of cliffs.

I wanted to say I believe I will be forgiven for my sins.

I wanted to say that we will be forgiven for our sins.

Don't be afraid at the door.

I have seen your mistakes, and you were meant for so much more.

We will be forgiven.

In this world, you've got to have compassion.

His skin as soft as silk, his eyes blue like the sky, his arms around your waist, though you've already said goodbye.

His heart as hard as stone, the second chances lie, and you want to call him "Home", but you've already said goodbye.

He told me to tell you that hes sorry for what he did.

He couldn't say it himself, but that was his message.

I wanted to ask you to forgive him.

Shes got her indecision, shes got her beat up car, shes packed up all her questions, shes packed up all her scars.

She keeps her eyes on the ground, she leaves without a sound, she knows you're one of thousands who might break her heart.

She wanted to say to them, apology accepted.

I think she knows we are meant to be forgiven.

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