Get the fuck out.

High School

Dear child, stop thinking like this is about us.

Its not.

I am not your main story, I am a footnote, so

don't get confused about the where the expositions going to go.

Not far if you keep loving me.

I said I can't be this person for you, and I meant it.

I am not a sweet loving person underneath all my hardness,

I am stone through and through and thats not going to change.

I am content with who I am, in the clouds each day.

And you don't know me, so don't give me all of your

macho "Don't tell me you don't deserve me" bullshit.

You don't know me, and I do, and I meant it.

My story is not about you.

You are paragraph number 13, close to last,

and it doesn't matter.  I am cold, and I don't care.

So get the fuck out of my inbox, you are too good to be there.

Your messages don't flatter, they make me so sad.

I am not the person you think I am.

Don't give me your "I only want you" bullshit.

I'm a bitch, and I'm over it.

Every sweet word you say convinces me more of it.

I don't understand your soft language, only the language of hell.

And the more you love me, the more I hate myself.

Please, I thought you would leave quietly through the door.

Don't you see, I'm not a person worth fighting for.

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