Sometimes I feel I'm running away from my own body.

And I'm trying to kill the virus that keeps me alive.

You promised me we'd live next door to each other, and have dinner on friday nights.

We'd both get married in our back yards, and laugh at the passing time.

I'd make spaghetti while our spouses talked in the next room,

and after we'd watch movies with our newborns in our laps.

Your daughter would call me Mommy, you'd be my sons second dad.

Its the only thing I ever wanted with a passion.

But your heart was never in it, and it broke mine in two.

And I choked on the dreams I'd tell to anyone who'd listen.

You know the person I love most in the world is you.

But my love is a weapon. And you wield it so well,


I'll be on the way to San Fran on the midnight express.

And we will look at each other one last time as true best friends.

And your eyes will meet mine, and I'll regret everything I've ever done and ever said.

I'll arrive at my new apartment and sleep in the corner on a mattress,

and try to kill our connection which goes beyond time and distance,

beyond silence and the wires of the telephone that we never use.

You know the person I love most in the world is you.

And thats why I gotta get out of this town.

Cause you are the only thing I want to be about,


After a couple of months, I'll venture out to an open mic.

And sing sad songs about my love for you which will never die.

I'll search the audience for some resemblence of your beauty.

But I won't find it, cause you are truly one of a kind.

I'll say goodbye to my only wish I ever had, that won't come true.

You know the person I love most in this world is you.

Its in the places we've been, the stories I'll never tell.

My love is a weapon.  And you wield it so well,

Adrian.  You wield me so well.

Hope your doing good in chicago,


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