~True Love Only Lasts A Lifetime~

The New Tammy

Only time can tell If you truely love someone

But only true love lasts a life time

You share your life stories and dreams

Only one special person can make you happy

              But Listen to this!!!!!!!!!

I think I might of found him!!!

He is amazing unlike others!!

He can makie me laugh at any moment

He is there to help me through life

He is not all about sex!

He likes me for me

He likes same things as me

He helps me out when people are bothering me

But most of all I Love Him

Right now I think He is the man of my dreams

But only time can tell the rest!!!!!!!

                                 Love Tammy M Fickler

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about my baby!!! God Damn it was love at first talk and I keep on loving him

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