I think we crossed paths at the wrong time
seconds further, you would have missed me completely
and it would not even have mattered because
you're the brightest of the stars, finding you would be easy

but you met the little sixteen year old girl who'd never finish her dinner
she never mentioned of her future, never knew it would hit her
and she tried, to put herself into some form of together, but remained dismembered
and she knew you were the one so she held on too tight, it slipped beneath her embrace and burned out into her first cigarette's ember

"goodbye, it's for the best" you said
you said it like it didn't hurt to say it at all
and that killed me because you promised I'd never regret our talks
and our delicate exchanges of touch
and you were right, you were right, I don't regret a single breath in between our late night calls

I just think we found each other at the wrong time
if you would've went away to college and left me here to stumble over you some other, any other, fucking day
you were so ill-disposed and sick of the weather
I was drifting in the rain hoping we'd share this umbrella

we crossed paths at the wrong time
and our hearts were worn on our feet and like razors, they severed the lines
never see you again, but I keep all your reminders on the top shelf
Though I know where I'd find you if I had enough faith in myself

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