Poem to Haiti

Death toll rises as their world collapses in a nightmare so surreal

Screams echo through the rubble in a silent whisper fading from wounded lips sealed.

Bodies ache as the weight of their world presses against their Will’s.

Sounds, flashing lights like sunlight blind and deafen their bruised minds as the frigid winds from the ocean breeze crawl through their bare naked skins.

Heart beats unleashed with fury, and fear - take toll, aching into the realm and depths of their soul. Mindless chatter begin to take control,

as the dream so dark continues to unfold.

Hands from strangers dig to grab hold, blood runs and the body gets cold. Death creeps in without being told, ready to collect the young and old. Hope at best lingers for brief moments, the dying crying for atonement.

The Earth trembles for ointment.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

SOmething that just came out..

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