Funny Thing Is...

The funny thing is

I would have told you

Would have been honest

Tell you, you weren’t the only one.

Even If it was platonic

These games we play

Should be left to children

My heart forever now Is broken.

With each teardrop

Like raindrops

My heart stops


Just to hear you say

There is another who steals your heart away, with each meeting.

Someone else on your mind today

I thought those eyes only stared my way

And that sweet smile perfectly made just for me..

Nothing hurts more than to be deceived

By someone you’ve invested your trust in

Dreams of holding you in my arms now broken

Every concept of you now stained

My bleeding heart painfully remains

What glory it once knew,

To simply look at you

Now replaced by bitter heartache

And endless tears of shame.

It’s this heart of mine, not you I blame.

So the paintings in my mind of you

Are just fading into

A composite of every shade of blue.

Remember the first day we met?

How we both were shy to admit

But everything just fell in place

Every smile on your angelic face

Was meant for me, so secretly

And slowly I began to fall

What I swore I’d never do

But what could stop this feeling, so appealing

So powerful each time I looked at you?

Dark skies and bad days

Would turn to golden sunny days

with each warm touch from the sun's rays

Flowers blossomed with every thought of you

Nightingales would sing melodies that would

rescue me and you.

Those eyes ocean deep

Hypnotized and made me weak.

Gave me butterflies from head to feet.

How in love was I

How alive I felt to close my eyes,

and simply die.

Now I’ve torn you from my heart

To face my nightmares alone

in the abysmal dark.

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