Where am I at after the fall?

Where am I at after the fall?

My mistakes judge me harshly

Still I hear a gentle call.

Calling me to bended knees

Forgiveness by grace comes the gentle breeze.

Still another day with more mistakes

Fallen from Grace

Tears run down my face

I am back where I started

Corrupted thoughts bind me.

I hear a voice whispering.

Each thought deeply blistering.

How do I carry all this weight?

Each day I make a new mistake.

My life needs a new beginning

The voices in the womb of my mind still uttering

Melodies of sinful pleasures interrupting

The beautiful voice barely whispering

Falling silent over the loud music rumbling

Through my car stereo

I try to push the button off

But I’m stumbling.

Imprisoned by the clique surrounding me

Speaking weightless words,

That decay the inner man in me

Closing , pressing till I can not breathe

Living empty when the Word of God

Gives plenty.

The sound of many voices poisoning me

Bringing me down to a fallen state

My mind can not survive another mind-rape

The enemies darts fly right passed me

I have nothing solid to shield me from this ongoing attack!

Armor I haven’t to protect me, from the front or back!

No time left to sit down & read

Something to edify me spiritually.

But I have some time left to turn on the tube

Watching filthiness, corruption, men & women nude.

Ahh, it’s ok to watch MTV showing

Another movie with a PG13 rating.

Still these voices in my head

Even as I lay down in bed, voices still debating.

Am I spiritually dead?

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None at all..

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