The moist of her lips drew me in so quick

The smile she revealed instantly kept me in grip

The heart she held in her hands she ripped

The soul that she cradled began to slip

Her touch was of angels that could not be forgotten

Her kiss so intoxicating I was filled with her Toxin

Pressing her mouth soft like a peach

Dripping with a juice that was rich and sweet

Killing me slowly with each slip of the tongue

Making me feel more alive and then numb

The tips of her fingers caressing with sin

Her body just barely touching my skin

Emotions erupting from deep within

Making me lose more than my reli-gion

She holds me so close with a powerful crush

My passion unfolds and I’m feeling a rush

My face revealing an innocent blush

The blood quickly leaves me, a sudden hush

No sound of my heartbeat just the piercing of silence

She smiles angelic and unleashes her violence

Ripping my heart with a smile of malevolence

My heart broke forever in the mask of her innocence.

By JPS/081007

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