Manmade Illusions

falling into this convolution of manmade illusions that hit me with deep

contusions/ bringing me into my irate state of confusion an intrusion

into my frail raped mind/I'm - dillusion-al! But one of a Kind!/Life

seems so fantastic in this dreamlike vision but I realize I'm immersed

inside the Television/ as each character makes deep incisions into my

mental with no parental/ Control to my soul through these looking glass

win-dows I hear the music reach its Crescendo/voices whisper innuendos/

of my life lost inside a game I play on Nintendo/running from an unseen enemy

that comes like a wounded sheep/creeps underneath my sheets as I'm in

the arms of a deep sleep/I repeat I'm taken in a deep sleep not for days

but weeks/my thoughts deep begin to clutter like blood clots that rot

crimson ink blots/stained with residue memory that blocks out clarity/I

need more charity for my enemies that don't care for me/for them I bleed

from their poisoned tipped daggers/should all of this matter when my

spirit soars above this insanity that rains down on me/as the thunderclap shatters the joy of my immortality?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

what we struggle with each day as a Christian

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