Tired of the same Shirt

I'm feeling the pressure as my fist connects with the dresser,/ I'm

tired of this same shirt! I need a change from this worldly pleasure

that promises me fame and treasure!/ But my head hurts with this

inescapable danger to my life that seems like a distant stranger, voices

in my mind say "Blame her!"/ My mother she never meant to give

birth/bring this wingless angel to a lost earth/but I'm cursed from

Mama's womb I was consumed first/from this earth's burning core things

just get worse/for me as I run this race reluctantly/watch me bleed! as

the voices in my head plant seeds/confusion covers me like a blanket

that can't be seen/I scream "what do you want with me!!"/life's trials

drowning me till I lose my peace/pressure with no release enveloping me

into it's new zombie/watching the world wear their Sketchers and

Abercrombie/dazed and confused with their MTV/kids get abused with games

on their PSP with subliminals that guide their hands and feet/to continue on

life even if you lie & cheat/sellin drugs on the street where your

church friends meet./So you see my beef about my life as it treats me

bleak underneath these stained white sheets as sin in silence creeps to

make me sleep./tomorrow it will all repeat.

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