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Society loosing their religion, and their morality in a spiritual collision

Vision, I’m having of the world in contradiction of it’s Creator’s creation,

I’m living in a hypocritical nation, trying to survive the influential inflammation.

My decision to refuse political fornication, falling into condemnation - of my peers

Hoping that my redemption will be near -  if not far, wishing on that morning star.

This earth we live in, give birth and death in, unearth the villain that kills with no hesitation. Poverty rules the masses, making us rob, and  pillage, endangered species on their hit list, hate is thicker than blood, like molasses, my soul is filled with sadness. My eyes they burn, and my heart deep down yearns seeing the world that can not discern, what they have been taught, they can not learn like a mule that has become Stubborn.. Right from wrong, good from evil, we’re losing our pureness, the U.S. politics in upheaval, the evil is furious!!  Still in God we Trust, isn’t that ingenious?

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