Falling for Love

Passionate kiss, embrace so intense

Holding you is bliss, your smile I reminisce.

Drunken in love, lost in your eyes

Dreams solely of, you at my side.

Crimson red lips, sensual and smooth.

Tempting to kiss, always in the mood.

Intimate walks, under an evening sky

Intimate talks, that never run dry.

Anticipated meetings, perfume sprayed notes

Friendly love greetings, laughing at jokes.

Candlelit sessions, champagne on ice,

Whispered confessions, easily enticed.

Lips pressing gently, than pressing hard

bodies melt quickly, pleasures embark.

Climactic endings, dramatic sighs

rules worth bending, deep passions rise.

Holding you effortlessly, kissing your palm

Wanting you endlessly, to you I belong.

John Paul Salinas

Copyright ©2003 John Paul Salinas

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