Losing my patience

How can I be calm, when the world ‘s sittin on a time bomb?

My family is dying and their bodies gettin embalmed.

You think I’m sittin quietly, while the Government takes away my freedom

How can we fight this power of Satan’s evil kingdom?

Material possessions in man’s mind obsession, trying to look in style, while their bank accounts in depression.

Some, givin up their lives, just to get some Reeboks

Almost none, tryin to work an honest salary for some clean  socks.

Television manipulating our children, subliminal

Kids barely Thirteen already becoming criminal.

The Bush administration preaching about God & justice

They contradict the Bible with their savagery, war and lust.

I must confess I was in their best interest as I followed their programs

And took their secret tests, but now I know they’re my enemy, my foe.

No, I won’t let go of my beliefs and my morality, just to kill men, women and babies.

I stand up against the creeds of this nation, if it brings the children of God abomination. I’m a Christian, and I gladly stand proud, I won’t give up my rights just to allow myself to purchase a few items from store shelves. Mark of the beast close at hand, it’s a spiritual battle across the land, for God I’ll stand, and that’s my motto, my creed!! For my family I’ll give up my life and bleed!

I’m not a sell out to these industries, they’re looking for sex, drugs, rock and hennesy.

What is it that we’re supposed to believe, “In God We Trust” but not the Ten Commandments, it’s such an embarrassment - sometimes to say we’re Americans’. The eyes of the world are upon us, and we’re just being arrogant. Forgive me for my frustration to vent, but I can’t help it when hypocrisy rules our humanity for a couple of cents. It doesn’t make any sense, when we are a powerful nation bringing only aggravation to every other nation, damn I’m losing all my patience!!!

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