3/12/2004 8:51 AM

I feel the sting of death rise up in me

While the world looks on, in awe

The sweat of my body falls

Like a waterfall

Of crimson red

As I am bound on this tree

Once living, now dead

My heart beats hard

And I’m short of breath

As if I ran for miles without rest

My hands burn with a piercing throb of pain

So deep, it brings me to weep like droplets of red rain that stains

I feel naked and ashamed

But I cast no hatred or blame

My desire is to love; to save

The lost, the dying, and those enslaved

From this dismal world filled with plagues.

I cringe at the ongoing torment

My body yearns for ointment

To cure the stabs and lacerations

That inflict my frail frame

In this mortal incarceration

The irritation slowly drives me insane

With no alleviation with my hands bound

My ear aches from the mob’s sounds

Cursing me to Come Down

To prove I am the heir to the crown

My heart breaks at their unbelief

My soul in anguish as I am forsaken

Abandoned by my friends

Laughed and scorned at by Satan.

Why hast thou deserted me;

Stranded; forgotten in this splintered tree?

My bones sore, my eyes filled with blood tears

I’m overwhelmed with the world’s fears

The sin of every mortal is upon me

Weighing down on my shoulders

Crushing me all over..

But I die for my friends

Without doubt or hesitation

My death is imperative and inescapable

My demise is for love immeasurable

For your redemption I relinquish my life

For love I offer up My Sacrifice.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Jesus Christ gave up his life so we can live.

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