Stalked By A Fiend In A Midsummer's Night Dream

Darkness is roaming in my head, voices whispering from the dead. “Wake and receive the dark night, come with us and take flight.”  Sporadic Visions of Vampires lurking in the shadows, hungry for blood and human marrow. They keep on calling me, whispering, taunting me, wanting me to come to their underground lair, begging me endlessly to be their new dark heir. Seducing me with their hypnotic voice, penetrating my thoughts without choice. They guide me down a cold dark empty street, I feel them in every corner as they quietly creep. Eyes peering out at me, as I walk aimlessly in my sleep. The cold of the night has no affect on them, their flesh is white and smooth, so grim. Their blood is cold like the dead sea, their movements so quick and graceful like an Indian Comanche. Their voices grow stronger in the silent wind, beckon my soul to give in. I fight to resist, fight with my mind and my fist, they come from behind me, surround me, I can feel their fangs on me. These dreams I can not wake from, these fiends I can not outrun. They scheme to rob my hopeless soul, I scream I’ve lost control. Will anyone save me from these ghouls, these wolves in sheep’s wool? I do not wish their dark gift on me, they search for a connection to this age of prophecy. Finally they have me in their grasp, I can not last, they're too fast, but before they convert me, before I metamorphosis to become a fiend and scream, before they sink their teeth deep into me, I overdose on extacy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

another one to make you think..

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