End Civilization - Not Completed

Darkness roams on this Earth, searching for a rebirth.

Dragons rising from the ashes of sodom, breathing fire with one burst. Cursed as the winds of judgement disperse, and Artesian wells parched unable to quench man's deep thirst.

Angels falling from heavens' seclusion, making earth their new home in all the dim confusion giving a conclusion of mankinds illusion.

Sunlight trying to break through the ashy atmosphere, death lingers like a demon in the air, and mortals cry in their darkest nightmare. Planets aligning for the final moments of Existence, the earth is filled with War and Pestilence.

God is believed to have abandoned them all. The end is nearer than they once thought. Prayers echoing through the earths crust, out into space like stardust, reaching heavens' golden door, but sadly no one to answer them, not anymore..

The breath of death is on us, the separation of mankind and their souls, and their purest of thoughts now filled with hatred and mutilation, killing and infatuation, sex and strangulation, drugs and abortion, lies and devastation, lost in their own addiction, in search of their own destruction. The scent of Hells kitchen, brewing mans' extinction. The sulfur now strong in the air, filling up your lungs to afflict you with despair. Life has lost meaning, our children over dead bodies leaning. The taste of madness lingers in our mouths. The shadows beckon as they hover above us in dark clouds and they shroud in silence OutLoud!

End of Days has come to gather in the PROUD!

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