My Grandmother's Orchard

Many summers went by in that magical land, where kings and queens where crowned and reigned while they were able to. The land of fig trees it was called, the land of corn, the great meetings place. It was all we needed and it was all she had; that was my grandma’s orchard. All there was magic, all was luminous. If you went to the north end you would be stepping at the treasures site, yes many treasures laid there, more over you would be at a fighting field since, as she told us, a part of the revolution took place there. It was an enchanted land, some legends of hangings of men are told to have happened in the orchard. It was a mysterious place in deed. But more than extraordinary it was its opposite: an ordinary, regular, orchard. If it is called the land of figs is because in facts there where a lot of figs. There you could see the old lady taking care of the trees, and when it was time harvest came and the fig feast would began. The same happened with the corn. It is worth to recall as well all the little creatures that lived there: dogs, cats, rats, raccoons, horses and goats; all them were essential part of the orchard, they were like the choir at a sacred mass. Some people in town thought it more like the great house of a wealthy man, but it was not a place just for one man, it was the place for all human kind. That was what she and what everyone who was able to come to the place thought. It was a real home. Now is divided in six equal parts, one for each of her kids, but what can not be divided ever is its unique spirit. Merchants and capitalist think of it as a place to sell, but we who where the kings and queens just wait to see our little precious kingdom rise again. And once more it would be the great land of fig and corn. The land feed by small water channels, as blood feeds a body; the land that lived through warm summers and hasty winters; the place of our family; the place of our future children. No one can tell any more how much grandma loved the orchard; she walked it all they long until she was able to. For her it was not just a place, a house, it was more like her big great heart.

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