A man in San Francisco killed two people and what defense did he create?

It was not his fault...he was evidenced by all the Twinkies that he ate.


A young boy driving drunk kills 4 people and ends up in a ditch

His defense...he grew up too’s not his fault that he is rich.


One man murders another using only his two hands

It was not his fault because at the time he was too drunk to understand.


A man rapes a 3 year old baby’s abhorrent as can be

“It’s not my fault,” is his defense...”it was she who seduced me.”


Priests in church rape young boys taking their innocence and youth.

“It’s not my fault.” The priests say...and the church helps hide the truth.


The government is not working and we’re in a downward slide

It’s not my fault, don’t look at me...blame the other side.


A couple decides to’s unclear what came between...

They call it conscious uncoupling...what the hell does that even mean?


I’m trying to lose weight but for some reason I keep cheating

It’s not my fault I’m getting’s all this food I’m eating.


As we look around at the world today as each new offense is unmasked

It formulates in my mind a few questions to be asked.


When did it become commonplace to cast blame so easily?

When did we, as a society, stop teaching responsibility?


When did we begin looking around so our blame we could assign?

When did we stop being accountable and say, “The fault is mine?”


I used to think this was a bad thing and it would fill my heart with shame

As I watched such bad behavior with no one accepting blame.


I used to worry that someday the world would come screeching to a halt.

But now I know...when that won’t be anybody’s fault.



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