I have heard it said that trying to relive our childhood, as through this life we clog,

Is impossible; a fools errand; it’s like capturing the fog.


At one time I agreed with this; I assumed once we became women and men

Those good old days were over never to return again.


But now I see things differently I think with each new sunset, each new dawn

The person we were yesterday has changed but is never gone.


That person joins all the others from our past in a giant reservoir 

Allowing us to continually synthesize into the people who we are.


In a way we are constantly adding to ourselves--each day we change the sum

As we evolve from every person who we were, and are, into who we will become.


Is it impossible to recapture our childhood? I think not; our memory captures it for us

And as we sleep, perchance to dream, it wondrously restores us.


And although we may not ever again be that particular child...this I know 

We awake each morning to embrace the wisps of that child from long ago.


Responsibilities and obligations may change life’s roller coaster ride

But we needn’t worry about that child...he has never left our side.


So we don’t have to relive our childhood we only need be aware

That if we look within your heart and soul...we’ll find him nestled there


It makes perfect sense to me after all as a species look what we have done

We’ve climbed mountains, put a man on the moon and harnessed the power of the sun.


We have touched the clouds, we fall in love, we make houses out of logs

Don’t tell me we can’t do something simple like capturing the fog.


Hey a quick look out my window and I see a new morning’s about to dawn

As luck would have it, it’s foggy...excuse me while I head out to the lawn.





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