A funny thing happened at the bookstore last week and at that time I made a vow

Not to talk about it...but I think it would do my heart good to relate it to you now.


It begins with a new book we got in the store, an expensive book I fear...

It was written about General Custer and is entitled The Last Frontier.


It ‘s not the story but it’s the inscription that gives this book its life

The author not only signed it but wrote a note to Custer’s wife!


This book sits inside a glass case for all our customers to see

She’s so expensive we keep her there as she must be handled sparingly.


I wonder about the route this book took from the frontier days of yore,

How it went from the hands of Custer’s wife and ended up in our store?


Well last week I was explaining her history to a group of customers...three

A 70 year old woman, her daughter and her daughter’s husband,...Lee.


The older woman spoke excitedly, “Today’s by birthday...I’m one year closer to death...

Her words were slurred a little and I could smell the celebration on her breath.


“I’m 70 years old today,” she continued, “with books I have a connection

I’ve been gathering them since I was a girl...I have 3000 in my collection.”


“Would you like to hold this one?” I said ignoring her slightly inebriated state.

What a nice way to remember her birthday, I thought, a great way to celebrate.


When I handed her the book, she smiled at me and I’m not going to lie

Tears began to well up in the corners of her eyes.


She looked at the book then back to me then held it to her chest

What she was thinking at that moment I could have only guessed.


Suddenly she grimaced. She wasn’t smiling anymore

She fell backward into her daughters arms and the book fell to the floor.


I ran around the counter...I had to take a look

Was I more worried about the lady or that two thousand dollar book?


But the lady seemed fine in her daughters arms...there was serenity on her face

So I gently picked up that old book and returned it to the case.


You may think my caring about the book more than the lady may be cruel


And I’d agree with you any day but today...because today is...April Fools!

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