I watched Ava play baseball last night and was immediately carried away

To another baseball field...another team...another time....another day.


I was playing right field then. There I stood with glove in hand

My parents cheered my every move while waving from the stands.


I blinked; I was at a soccer game there was Bryan...he looked so small

“Bryan,” I yelled my encouragement,”Don’t forget to kick the ball.”


I blinked again and when I opened my eyes another memory revealed... 

I was cheering Ryan this time from a different soccer field.


Another blink and Ali was playing volleyball in Middle School

She had this little grunt when she served which I thought was pretty cool.


Blink! Now it was Damien and Taylor playing soccer. Look at those two go!

Blink! There was Aden kicking up a storm at his class in Tae Kwon Do.


Ping! I was back watching Ava and saw that smile on her face

As she hit the ball then took off running...ending safely at first base.


I couldn’t help smiling, but I have to say at first I was perplexed

To think how quickly life moves on from one memory to the next.


But then I was glad to see how easily these memories synthesize and blend

And how we hope as we get older this memories never end.


Watching Ava I couldn’t help thinking life is like baseball, I must admit,

Sometimes our children will strike out and sometimes they’ll get a hit.


Yet, no matter what the outcome...no matter where that ball may land


They have a group of people who will cheer them on...while waving from the stands.

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