We walked along the beach today...together hand in hand

Enjoying the sights and sounds of nature...making footprints in the sand.


We watched the sandpipers scurry to and fro between the water and the land

Searching for their next meal...making footprints in the sand.


A young family played together making castles with their hands

All the while laughing...making footprints in the sand.


As we walked what caught my attention was not the beauty of the land

It was the myriad of footprints left upon the sand.


It seems to me we will never know, was this a woman or a man?

Were they old or gay or black or white...who made these footprints in the sand?


I smiled as I thought on this and wondered, wouldn’t this world be grand

If all we had to know a person were his footprints in the sand?


We wouldn’t care if they were different, no one would be ridiculed or banned

If all we had to judge them by were their footprints in the sand.


We should be more like the sandpipers as they scamper, dash and stand

Never thinking bad of others while making footprints in the sand.


If only the world could live in harmony like the footprints we saw today


Before tomorrow’s tide comes rushing in and washes them away.

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