The other day I was cleaning out a cabinet, (you never know what you might see)

When I ran across an old paper I’d saved entitled ‘Charles Schulz Philosophy’.


(Charles Schulz created the Peanuts comic strip to wide appeal and acclaim

Did you know he didn’t come up with the title and always hated that name?)


Be that as it may, his comic strip was very funny and usually quite topical

And he prided himself in the fact it was also philosophical.


I’d like to take a minute and give you all a chance to see

The simply beauty behind the Charles Schulz Philosophy.


He expressed his philosophy in the form of questions, two sets for you to compare 

(That is a tactic philosophers like to use to help us become aware).


He said think of the five wealthiest people in the world, can you name them all?

How about the last five Heisman trophy winners how many can you recall?


Can you name the last five Miss Americas if you could I would be floored.

How about the last 6 actors or actresses who won academy awards?


Who won the last ten World Series, no need to apologize

I imagine you also don’t know the last ten winners of the Nobel prize.


Then just as Mr. Schulz had us thinking, amidst our wonder and our doubt

He added a second set of questions for us to think about.


Can you name a few teachers who aided you on your upward climb?

Or three friends who helped you navigate a particularly difficult time?


Can you name five people who made you feel special or taught you something grand?

How about a few people whom you enjoy, or offered a helping hand?


There you have it in a ‘peanutshell’ I believe Mr. Schulz was trying to help us see

That life is really a lot simpler than we make it out to be.


Which questions were effortless to answer? If you know then you have the key

To unlocking the simple truth of the Charles Schulz philosophy.


It really is quite obvious: know who the most important people in your life are.

They might not be the smartest, most athletic, or drive the biggest car.


They may not, have won and Academy award or be a millionaire 


No, the people who make a difference in our lives, are simply, the ones who care.

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