In elementary school my grades were adequate although I much preferred to play

Who knew concepts learned so long ago would be applicable today.


For instance here’s a simple thought of which I am exceedingly aware

Life is much more effortless when it’s a life we share.


The more people who share our sorrow, who help and reassure

The easier it is to handle and the longer we endure.


While when we are happy and share that joy with family and friends

Like ripples on the water, that feeling never ends.


I have often wondered about it...why does this phenomenon exists

Is there something in the universe, some teaching I have missed?


How can two opposing feelings, which can never be compared

Have similar consequences when individually shared?


I believe the solution is simple which now I shall provide

The sadness gets divided while the joy gets multiplied.


Imagine that! The answer lies in basic math--all those years ago conveyed

Perhaps if I paid more attention, I’d have earned a better grade.


And it wouldn’t have taken me this long to become exceedingly aware

That Life is much more effortless when it’s a life we share.



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