When I was a baby I had no idea my eyes were damaged so severely

It wasn’t till 2nd grade, when I got glasses, that I finally saw the world clearly.


But when my glasses are off and I look out at the world I’m amazed at what I might see

Things that with glasses seem apparent without them seem fuzzy to me.


Many times on vacation at motels and Inns I’ve often felt like a fool

Waving at children who were not my own as they played and swam in the pool.


I’ve often wondered If my poor vision has transferred to my other senses

Because I’ve noticed all of my taste buds have had comparable consequences.


For instance I have unexciting taste in the things I drink or eat

I can’t tell the difference between filet mignon and regular hamburger meat!


I’ve often envied friends who sniff, sip then pick the perfect wine with their bread

Because if I closed my eyes I’d have trouble recognizing the white wine from the red!


But I’ve come to terms with my disorder having senses that aren’t always so good

It’s led me to believe perhaps our world would be better off...a little misunderstood.


You see since my taste buds are lacking or, as some might deduce, totally obsolete

I’m happy to say I usually enjoy almost everything that I eat.


And one positive result of having blurred vision of seeing things not quite as they appear

It’s hard for me to discriminate because the differences between people are unclear


Sometimes I think the world would a happier place...less prejudiced, less maligned 

If everyone’s vision was a little less clear...kind of fuzzy and blurry like mine.


Because with my poor vision the painting I see as I look out on a new day

Looks less like a Winslow Homer and more like a Claude Monet.


So I gladly raise a toast to my blurred vision and all those who have blurry eyesight


But someone please inform me, before I I toasting with red wine or white.

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