I stopped to admire the stars this morning long before my walk was through.

When the moon has set and the sky is clear it’s something I often do.


As I stood there gazing up…there…in the blink of an eye

I saw a shooting star streak across the sky.


I often look for shooting stars and, I imagine, you’ll agree…

It’s ironic on a night I wasn’t looking how a shooting star found me!


Seeing a shooting star is magical as it flashes then disappears without a trace.

So I took a moment to remember all I could about that time and place. 


I was standing next to a magnolia tree…

it’s one bloom in the morning breeze swayed.

And I wondered if that bloom refused to close last night 

or was getting a head start on the day?


I heard a night owl hoot…her song crisp and clear and clean.

And I wondered since she’s up at night…

how many shooting stars she’s seen?


I didn’t ask the owl about it…or the magnolia tree.

Sometimes with the magic of nature…it’s best to let it be.


No, I was content for the three of us to sit back and admire

one of life’s evanescent moments that flash briefly…then expire.


A reminder of how each moment when it arrives is significant in its own way

Beautiful and vital for but a moment before it quickly fades away.


It was a moment like no moment ever was…or ever again will be…

and I felt blessed to share that moment with an owl and a magnolia tree.

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