This morning as a 71 year old man walking with Deborah on a beach in Florida… 

I thought back to the big plans I had as a boy…

plans that would bring me wealth and fame and lead to happiness and joy.


Plan A was be a baseball star…the best outfielder of them all!

Unfortunately I was never very good at hitting, catching or throwing that little ball.


Plan B was to be a football star…they play with a bigger ball.

but when it came to playing football…it was me who as too small


Plan C was to be a rock star…not bad for a third choice.

But a plan that was quickly abandoned 

as people covered their ears when they heard my singing voice..


Yes, I was going to be famous and wealthy…

with legions of adoring fans…

but it seems the Gods, or fate or destiny…

for me…had other plans.


I never planned to be a teacher…they’re not famous or wealthy…

Is that even a career?

Yet there I was a teacher…for almost 40 years.


I never planned on being a husband, a father, a Pop-Pop

No, these things I never planned to be…

I planned on being a free spirit…not having people who depended on me.


But a teacher, a husband, a father, a Pop-Pop…I am all of the above

How is it possible so many things I never planned…I have come to love?


Speaking for that boy in Ohio…

now a 71 year old man walking with Deborah across the Florida sand….

It’s amazing how happy that boy and I are…living the life we never planned.

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