Today…some thoughts on grief because I am of the belief

just as life can give us joy…we can’t escape its grief.


When we lose someone we love…life will never be the same it was before.   

It’s as if, in that one moment, our world is not in balance anymore.


Grief can come out of nowhere…at first it makes us seethe..

It causes endless tears…it makes it hard to breathe.


When we’re overcome with grief…it can bring us to our knees as we feel the weight of scars…scars that no-one else can see.


It’s as if a window to our hearts has broken allowing in the arctic, frigid air and the person we want most to talk to…is no longer standing there.


Grief can come in waves…it matters not if we’re a mother, father, son or daughter…and sometimes the best that we can do is keep our heads above the water.


Then one day in the midst of our sadness we begin perceiving how the world around us does not stop…just because it’s us who’s grieving.


And we begin to think during those moment when we’re feeling blue…about the person whom we’re missing and what they’d want us to do.


And it’s our thoughts of them that help relieve our sorrow and our doubt and from the forest we are lost in…help to guide us out.


It's their voices that tell us grief is not a sign of weakness as each day another path we cross…It is the price we pay for loving…it is the price we pay for loss.


It’s their voices that remind us if it is balance we’re trying to achieve… then the only way to deal with our grief…is to allow ourselves to grieve…


It is their voices that are telling us…reminding us with ever breath

to live in the sunshine they created…not the shadow of their death.



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