Have you ever wondered when a friendship forms? 

When is that one moment in time when random people come together…

and their worlds begin to rhyme?


Have you ever wondered if there are people out there walking…

perhaps just around the bend 

people…we don’t know yet…who were destined to be our friends?


People who walk separately into a room…and from the moment they arrive

feel in their hearts…and souls…they’ve known each other all their lives.


Do they sense it in their greeting?

Can they see friendship in their eyes?

Is it somewhere in their smile?

Can they feel their friendship rise?


They begin to share their stories…share their feelings…share their woes…

Is it in between their laughter or their tears…Is that where friendship grows?


Or am I giving it too much thought?   Is it possible to know 

when a friendship seed is planted…when it actually begins to grow.


I suppose it doesn’t matter what feelings initially bind them

for when it comes to friends in life…we are lucky just to find them.


Lucky knowing we have old friends…we’ve had since we were young

friends who we grew up with…friends we love to be among.


And lucky knowing we can make new friends…who, when added to the old,

make our life even more meaningful…make it a wonder to behold…


Perhaps that is the beauty of friendship…

what makes it so astonishing…and sweet..

knowing we have some old friends…

some new friends…

and some friends…we’ve yet to meet.

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