These poems I write I write for me…I like to take the time

to put my feelings down on paper and to make my stories rhyme…


It’s kind of like a daily diary…it’s something I love do do

and when I’m finished I like to share the words I write…with you.


What I write are my feelings, my views…I write about the world I see

and I don’t desire nor do I expect every one to agree with me…


And when you don’t agree I’m usually fine with that…

but yesterday I have to note

I was a little saddened by one response…by what one person wrote.


I posted a poem about how George Floyd will never get the chance to teach his daughter how to fly…

lamenting how he cried out…

how it was a tragic and senseless way to die.


That same day I received this note…which saddened me I must admit

The note said, ‘He’s not the first and only person to die!

and ended with, ‘Get over it!”


Get over it…get over it…these words reverberate inside my head

Get over it…get over it…is what whoever wrote this said.


Get over how a person…any person had to die this way

Get over how another person’s life was so callously taken away.


Get over the tragedy the inequity….the inhumanity?

I confess it is always going to be a challenge getting over it…for me…


So the question I must ask the person who said, ‘Get Over it’

be you a woman…or a man

Is the problem how difficult it is for me to get over it…

or how easily you can?



'He’s not the first and only person to die! Get over it.’

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